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Playing on premise or online can not be made easier. Sky Grotto is the ultimate gaming tool that allows quick access to all your chosen ruleset data.


Our game engine fully integrates game rules and formulas making your game more immersive for all players and gamemaster.

Playing has never 

been this easy


Immersive Gameplay

Having fun is the most important

Managing your character is easy because our character sheet is not cluttered with info. By equipping your character directly with items, you see in real time all the effects of your equipment.

During a game session, using our smart Action Card lets you choose what your characters or NPCs can really do based on their equipment and special abilities, smoothing gameplay even more for everyone.


Map Editor

An image is worth a thousand words

As a Gamemaster, you can create your own custom maps using our built-in Map Editor and free base Tileset Pack.

You can create fun tactical maps for your encounters but also nice looking ones for every important scene of your story.

Being a GM has never been this fun.


Campaign Builder

Be prepared for anything

For Gamemasters that like to prep a bit more and improvise less, the Campaign Builder lets you create detailed stories with plots and events.

Prepare in advance your important scenes with as many details as you want to help your players interact with their environment.

Plan your encounters to smooth gameplay by selecting NPCs from the Bestiary.

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