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Manage your characters for all supported game systems with our easy to use detailed character sheet. Sky Grotto lets you create Free Agent (characters with no associated campaign) or campaign characters. By joining a friend's campaign, your character will automatically inherit all his or her game settings and ruleset customizations.


Our character sheet lets you manage your:


  • Background and goals

  • Skills

  • Special Powers

  • Equipment

  • Spells

  • Level Up

  • More


Create simple or detailed campaigns with the Campaign Builder. Essential for gamemasters that like to take their time preparing all the upcoming story events so they need not improvise on the spot. 


In order to achieve that, you can prepare in advance complete game scenarios composed of plot points and events.


Plot points serve as milestones reached during your story and help you organize the actual locations visited by the players in a somewhat chronological order.


Events are scenes you usually have a map to show your players (easy to do with our built-in Map Editor) which help to create an immersive moment for everyone. Events can also be constructed as encounters by selecting NPCs tokens.


Be the artist of your own professional-quality game maps with our in-house map editor. Draw maps that are always appropriate for your game scenarios using our fantasy tileset pack included with the free version of the software.

In order to help you design nice looking maps as quickly as possible, we created what we call the smart layer system. With this, the map will render correctly as soon as you add tiles of any kind unto it. Sky Grotto will automatically choose the appropriate layer where to draw your selected tile without requiring your input.


The ruleset game data is always quickly accessible with our data viewer. All game data are grouped by categories to facilitate navigation. 


Plus, our interactive data cards are always available where they are needed. They contain all the useful game information summarized neatly into a card that allows selection, navigation and scrolling.

We believe that more time playing your characters is better than more time clicking and navigating a software.


Play on-site or online with your friends by taking advantage of all the features available in Sky Grotto.


For online gameplay, we designed mechanisms to reduce to a minimum the waste of time related to data lookup or software manipulation:

  • Load an event with the Scene Navigator

  • Read ruleset data with an Interactive Data Cards

  • Choose a token actions with the Dynamic Action Card

  • Select a spell or ability targets with one of our area effect tool

  • Manage the combat sequence, rounds, initiative and active tokens

  • Activate or clear the fog of war for any of your map

  • and so much more !!

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