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Features Available

  • Open SRD5E partial ruleset integration

    • All races​

    • All classes (except Sorcerer and Warlock)

    • Bestiary up to CR2

    • Spells up to Level 2

    • All mundane weapons / armors / items

    • 25% of all Magic Items

  • Character creation

  • Character management

  • Map Editor

  • Campaign Builder

  • Ruleset Viewer (datacards, search)

  • Fully playable game sessions

Beta Period

SkyGrotto is currently in beta.


This test period is mandatory in order to squash all remaining bugs and adjust user workflows in all available modules. In the meantime, you may experience bugs, crashes and connection slowdowns as we are still in the process of completing development.

You will be able to follow our development roadmap by consulting this page regularly as we release updates. We plan on releasing updates every few weeks and the upcoming features will be influenced by your comments on the forums.


Still, using SkyGrotto now has its benefits:


  • Every newly created account while SkyGrotto is in its Beta period will gain a substantial amount of bonus DataBlocks storage (this is permanently added to your account).


  • All features are fully unlocked until the official version is released. Afterwards, some features will require an active monthly subscription in order to be available. The complete feature list will be available at a later time.


We really hope you will enjoy using SkyGrotto as your gaming platform.


Please be patient while we fine tune everything and have fun !

Upcoming Features

  • Open SRD5E partial ruleset integration

    • Spells level 3-6

    • Bestiary CR3, CR4

    • Remaining magic items

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